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Summer Vacation!

Read Mr. Clague's BAND CAMP letter HERE

What to bring to camp.
Your instrument if you won't be using one of the school's
Water jug or bottle - we will have water available but you need something to put it in.
*Walmart has 1/2 gallon jugs available for about $5.
Lace up shoes - no sandals or flip-flops
Hat (allowed only for camp).  All other dress code and all school rules will be followed at any and all school events, at home or away, including camp.
It is crucial that you start hydrating AT LEAST one day before camp!

August 1...First day of camp.
9am - Council meeting
10am - New member orientation
10:30 - Student leadership workshop - this is open to ALL returnees
Noon - lunch
1pm - activities and music
5pm - Dinner
6pm - Marching techniques

Questions or concerns? e-mail Dan